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Whenever starting a new thread, please leave a comment here saying where should it be placed in the timeline.
This thread's sole purpose is to keep track of all RP threads going on in the community. They're listed in chronological order.

Although threads that take place in the past are fine, threads that take place years in the future are forbidden.


    Thirteen Years Ago - Time to Play (incomplete)
    Characters: Étienne, Cedric

    Deceitful First Impressions - 13 years ago (complete)
    Characters: Lyon (Diva), Cedric

    A Meeting Lost in the Past - 10 years ago (dropped)
    Characters: Cedric, Ilyér

    Two Men after the Marigolds Withered (dropped)
    Characters: Benoit, Keagan

    Vessalius Manor's Gardens - 7 years ago (complete)
    Characters: Cedric, Alexis, Cirus

    Cedric and Keagan - the First Meeting 6 Years Ago (complete)
    Characters: Keagan, Cedric

    The Boy and the Smile under the Parasol (complete)
    Characters: Melissa, Cedric

    Interlude - in the summer 5 years ago (complete)
    Characters: Cedric, Keagan

    Dark Tranquillity - Insanity's Crescendo (ongoing)
    Characters: Cedric, Keagan

    Cruel Winds - 3 years ago (dropped)
    Characters: Charlie, Laila

    An evening of fireworks and contractor hunting (ongoing)
    Characters: May, Cedric

Real Time

Soothing one's needs (incomplete)
Characters: Bethesda, Cain

The precious thing of the two (dropped)
Characters: Alexandrie, Brad, Charlie

Confined and Returned (dropped)
Characters: Noa, Brad

Misty Waters and Black Street Lamps (complete)
Characters: Keagan, Cairo

Homecoming (complete)
Characters: Matthew, Cedric, Cairo, Étienne, Diva

In the Shadow of the Mountain (dropped)
Characters: Idril, Bethesda, Keagan

Deadman Square (incomplete)
Characters: Cedric, ???, Rain, Keagan

Mercy For The Fallen - Homeward Bound (complete)
Characters: Étienne, Rain, Cedric, Keagan

The Ugly and Hidden Face of Pandora (complete)
Characters: Keagan, Brad, Cedric

Uncovering the Truth (complete)
Characters: Cedric, Idril, Alexis

An amusing encounter (incomplete)
Characters: May, Noa

Encounter of the Wolves (incomplete)
Characters: Matthew, Keagan, Noa

Drugs, Undercover, and Qualms (dropped)
Characters: Noa, Cedric, Diva

The Golden Sun and the Obsidian Woods parted by a Crystal Brook (dropped)
Characters: Cedric, Idril, Laila

Climax of Summer - Between Soil And Plum Tarts (dropped)
Characters: Étienne, Keagan

Escaping from the Birdcage (complete)
Characters: Alexandrie, Cedric, Charlie

The Little Red Riding Hood (complete)
Characters: Cedric, Elzarei

In the Wolf's Den (incomplete)
Characters: Elzarei, Idril, Cedric

Where will we be When the summer's gone? (dropped)
Characters: Cirus, Dominic

A Midsummer Night's Intermezzo (dropped)
Characters: Cedric, Keagan, Melissa, Étienne

Inside my mind, the sun is always shining (dropped)
Characters: Étienne, Melissa

Have I ever told you, how annoying you can be? (complete)
Characters: Keagan, Cedric

Sympathy from the Devil (complete)
Characters: Brad, Cedric, Keagan

Wrong Lessons for Life (dropped)
Characters: Cedric, Brad

The circus is in town (dropped)
Characters: Loren, Brad, Cedric

Sweet and Sour (dropped)
Characters: Bethesda, Étienne

The Feeling That Doesn't Reach (complete)
Characters: Idril, Cedric

Even if it's cold, you should drink tea (dropped)
Characters: Alexandrie, Valentine, Reno

Black and white of the silent snowfall (incomplete)
Characters: Keagan, Charlie

Turning the chessboard around (complete)
Characters: Brad, Cedric, Laila

Where Flowers Withered (dropped)
Characters: Idril, Valentine

There's a song left for you to sing - only for you (dropped)
Characters: Keagan, Melissa

- Year 2

A Woman So Heartless (dropped)
Characters: Brad, Charlie

Crawling in the dark (dropped)
Characters: Cirus, Rigel

Late knight snacks (dropped)
Characters: Laila, Bethesda

See all the faces out walking in the street (dropped)
Characters: Cirus, Rigel, Keagan, Laila

    - Year 0

    Nightray Main Road - Close to Midnight
    Characters: Cedric, Ursule

    Pandora's mission - At the distant border of the dukedom
    Characters: Keagan, Cedric, Harriette, Bethesda, Anise, Die Li, Louis

    Nightray manor's garden- first meetings at noon
    Characters: Cain, Daima, Cedric, Tristan, Evelyn

    Pandora Library - 3pm-ish (incomplete)
    Characters: Ursule, Keagan, Tyson, Cedric, Harriette

    Shopping District - Supplies for attending to Latowidge
    Characters: Cedric, Cain, Louis, Ellen, Ivy, Aisling, Dominic, Alexis, Bethesda, Eloise, May, Die Li, Ursule, Roxanne

    Cain's Room - Aftermath (complete)
    Characters: Cedric, Cain

    Nightray Manor - Dinner with the Nightrays (incomplete)
    Characters: Cedric, Cain, Evelyn, Cairo, Tristan, Silas, Roxanne

    Nightray Manor - The morning after (complete)
    Characters: Cain, Idril

    Cedric's room - Master and Servant (complete)
    Characters: Idril, Cedric

    The Corrupted Side of Nobility - Assassination Plot (incomplete)
    Characters: Tristan, Cedric

    Headquarters' Garden - In the Morning Mist (incomplete)
    Characters: Keagan, Benoit, Aisling, May, Elia, Dominic

    Before the Ball - Lessons on Etiquette (incomplete)
    Characters: Cedric, Die Li, Idril, Daima, Étienne, Cairo, Roxanne

    Vessalius Shopping District - Locked on Christmas Eve (dropped)
    Characters: Dominic, Ivy, Daima, Idril, Cain, Ilyér

    - Year 1

    Singing in the Rain at the Main Manor (complete)
    Characters: Keagan, Ellen, Brad

    It was a beautiful piano piece, except for the ending (ongoing)
    Characters: Brad, Keagan

    Contractor Hunting in Spring (dropped)
    Characters: Keagan, Cedric, Ilyér, Étienne

    At The Forest Near Barma's Manor (dropped)
    Characters: Brad, Dominic

    A Gift for Mother (dropped)
    Characters: Cairo, Étienne
Tags: compilation, role-play
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