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Community Posting Guidelines

As previously mentioned in the Rules, posts containing fanart, fanfiction, memes, and character discussions are allowed in the community as long as they're related to the role-play. Cross-posting is alright as well. Role-playing posts must belong only to the community though.

To get approved to join the community you must first create your own original character for the role-play.
Here you can find the Character Sheet Form and more instructions: Creating your own character

Once your character is approved by the administrators you may ask to Join the Community.
And after that you're free to start posting~

You can start by posting your character profile to the community and introducing yourself!

Anyone is free to start a RP thread right away. But if you're unsure for some reason and would like to hear other players' feedback or invite someone to role-play with you, you can start by posting a Meeting Request.

Just don't forget to place it under the appropriate tag: request

Starting a Role-Playing Thread

First of all you must specify at the top of your post who's allowed to join in your RP thread.

Open to:

You can be as vague or as specific as you like. For example:

Open to: Nightrays and Baskervilles
Open to: girl characters who love little boys
Open to: Keagan

After you've decided that it's time to write down the role-play intro. In this part it's important to describe the location where the role-play will take place with detail: a park, a museum, a coach, a manor, etc. You should also specify which Noble House has it under their influence. The Vessalius manor, or a desolate area under Baskervilles' influence dangerous for Pandora Members, for example. It may also take place in the Pandora Headquarters or at Latowidge.

It's okay to create new cities as long as you respect the setting, something like european victorian cities.

Tell us at what time of the day does your RP takes place and how the wheather is like.

Make use of the tags! All RP threads should be submitted under the role-play tag.

After you start your thread post a link to it here: Timeline
And tell us at which point of the timeline it should be placed, if you don't specify it, we'll automatically place it at the bottom as the most recent events.

The Timeline thread is important for us to keep track of all ongoing RPs in the community, so don't forget about it.

And that's it~ Have fun!

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