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Character Profile: Cedric Nightray

Cedric Nightray (a.k.a. Joker)

House - Nightray

Age - 24 (in the beginning of the rp 22)

Gender - Male

Eye Color - Sapphire Blue

Hair Color - Black

Appearance - Cedric used to have very long black silky hair tied back in a ponytail by a ribbon until a while ago, but his hair was burnt and cut short by an illegal contractor. It's now short like in the first link below. He wears a pair of discreet and delicate glasses. He's 184 cm (6 feet) tall and very slim. He's not the athletic type, but he's still a man and as such he has fairly good resistance and strength. He likes to wear dark-colored long coats, mantles and scarves. He wears gloves and rarely takes them off. He has a hidden scar on the right side of his stomach, and another at the same height on his back.

Art: Cedric | Close-up | Devil Whisper | Expressions 1 | Expressions 2 | Shirtless | Shirtless 2 | Joker |

Weapons - Cedric's well trained in gunmanship, knowing how to manipulate a wide variety of firearms, from pistols to rifles. He usually carries a pair of twin .32 Colts with Nightray's family crest engraved on the handle. He's quite efficient in hitting his targets and can make for a dangerous sniper.

Personality - At first Cedric seems to have a very kind and gentle expression, but he can be very cruel and sarcastic on his remarks at times. He's quite a spoiled child and may get irritated when things don't go the way he wants them to, not hesitating on lashing out at the weaker ones. He picks a lot on servants. When he isn't in one of his foul moods, he acts very calm and collected and smiles a lot, like a true gentleman, although he has this sadistic side of him that enjoys belittling and bullying others. Also enjoys going on fox hunts, and horse riding. When interacting with other members of the noble families, his behavior may change a lot. With ladies he can be quite a flirt, but with males he may not get along that well. He will always do his best to not show any weakness. He's got a sharp tongue and is a quick thinker as well, experience he gained from dealing with his various shady jobs. He loves mind games and is very defiant when facing danger.

Seiyuu: Takehito Koyasu

Chain - Joker

Joker is a giant creepy jester similar to a Jack-in-the-box toy. He has blood stained claws, red glowing eyes and a wicked grin. Joker is a very difficult chain to control as his actions are often random. At times it may easily obliterate an enemy, or even open a huge crater in the middle of the city, at another, it may fail miserably going out in a puff of smoke. That's why Cedric will always avoid summoning it. It's extremely rare but Joker may also cause random teleportation. Joker can be very dangerous for its unpredictability, usually most people aren't willing to take the risk of facing it. The side effect of a contract with Joker makes its user incredibly unlucky with gambling.

Unlike other chains, Joker doesn't talk to Cedric, he just watches everything silently with a wide and vicious grin. He may secretly mix up his master's thoughts without him taking notice of it though. Joker is satisfied as long as he can be entertained by his master's conflicted heart and for that he has driven many of his contractors insane. The way he reacts when summoned by Cedric is directly related to his mood. His mood changes according to the syntony between him and Cedric. As Cedric goes more wicked, Joker's destructive powers will increase. If Cedric is being soft, Joker will mock him and will not help. When Joker's in a really good mood, he'll let out an eerie laughter, which means he feels like going out to play. The effects of that can usually be very devastating.

Currently he's bound to Cedric by an illegal contract.

Background Story - Cedric was born into the Nightray family as one of the nephews of the Duke Nightray, making him a legitimate Nightray. When he was 9 he was caught up in an awful incident that nearly got him killed, and for that his name can be found in one of Pandora's secret archives. This file is referred to as the Fallen Bishop Case, regarding Aldous Gridley, illegal contractor and serial killer. The Nightray House did everything to keep it away from the public so no one knows what happened for sure. Because of that he was raised in a very protected environment, his parents were extremely overprotective of him, which made him into quite a spoiled brat. As he grew up he rarely left the manor, he was educated at home and he was taught to deffend himself from very young age. Due to the rumors he grew up listening to, he views members of the Vessalius household with extreme contempt. It seems the Vessaliuses were somehow related to the incident in his childhood.

Cedric's father, Jared Nightray, is one of the Duke Nightray's younger brothers. He's a very greedy and ruthless man. Although he has always been overprotective of Cedric, his only legitimate son, he could also be very harsh on him and demanding, since he always expected a lot from Cedric. His father and the Duke Nightray are the only people Cedric would never defy.

As soon as Cedric turned 16 he joined the Pandora organization, tutored by Keagan Barma at first, and as a Nightray he began to work in shady missions that involved assassination. There was much more to this corrupted world of nobility than most eyes could see. Cedric has already killed many as he currently works as an assassin, these assassination missions are kept secret and are only known by a select few.

He has helped in a few cases in the hunt for illegal contractors, but to him humans are far worse than any creature from the Abyss, himself included. He only obtained his chain at the age of 19. Known as the "Chain of Corruption" there are many rumors surrounding it, it's also said all its contractors died gruesome deaths. Cedric is also referred to as "Joker" at Pandora.

At the present, abandoned by his personal servant Idril after trying to push his feelings onto her and after Duke Nightray was murdered, Cedric left the Nightray manor. No longer having a master to follow, he quit working on his assigned missions. He might have become an illegal contractor, and also be the one responsible for a series of bizarre killings.

Other Information -

- Cedric is farsighted (hyperopic), he can't read without glasses and sees things blurry from up-close;
- He gets headaches if he's not wearing glasses;
- He detests swimming with a passion;
- He is picky with food;

Relationships -

- Mother: Suzanne
- Father: Jared

- Étienne Nightray: Closest cousin;
- Idril Kagami: Cedric's former personal servant and love interest;
- Keagan Barma: Cedric's senior at Pandora;
- Alexis Vessalius: Distant childhood friend;
- Bradford Barma (Jynx): Apparently a pet;

Character Meme
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