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Character Profile: Keagan Barma

Name -
Keagan Barma [ケーガン=バルマ] (a.k.a. The Prison Guard)

House - Barma

Age - 43 (in the beginning of rp, 41) 

Gender - Male

Eye Color - Hazel mixed with black

Hair Color - Bit rusty red and black (striped)

Appearance - Keagan's most distinct feature is his long and very bulky braid which reaches down to his thighs. On the front his hair is shorter and reaches only to his shoulders. His face is usually emotionless, but if one follows his eyes, it can be seen that they reflect all the twists and turns of his mind, though usually they stay blank too if not including the smallest of differences. If his age is not mentioned, he could pass for a 20-year-old, for the chain has slowed his time. He is around 188cm (6'1.7'') tall and slim, but muscular enough to lift men of his own size with one hand (not throw, though).
Keagan's clothes are usually in the shades of red, black and white. He uses quite long coats without vests under them. He has black gloves (most usually long), which he hardly takes off. The gloves are covering ornamental tattoos, he was given by his chain. He also covers his neck with scarfs.

Art: Appearance | Biology teacher version [for the crack threads] 

Weapons - Keagan is capable of using a wide variety of weapons as he was trained by two assassins, but his strongest points are sword-fighting and shooting. For this he carries a rapier and two rifles, white and black, with him.

Personality - Over the years Keagan has lived, his personality has changed from a curious and life-loving into a closed and violent. He gets easily irritated or furious with spoiled people and children, which usually leads to violence and flying objects.
His mental state is currently somehow balanced and during a fight his emotions seemingly die away. He doesn't open up easily and the people who know him best and are his friends have known him through the years. Among the servants of Barma house, there is only three who can stand him. He also forgets things like names and faces very often.
His only passion is gardening and hence in the garden one can see a whole new side of Keagan.

Seiyuu: Ryotaro Okiayu

Chain - Clitheroe [クリテロー], the Kingless Game of Chess 

Clitheroe is a huge old chessboard with almost all of the chess pieces: the pawns are spearmen, the rooks are executioners, the knights are men with horses and bishops are hunters with either a hawk or an eagle. The queens are the mind of the chain - the white one has the ability to 'talk' through music and she is armed with a nodachi, the black one is able to eat chains or humans.
The only missing pieces are the kings, but the contractor is regarded as the kings and is given the tattoos on him by the queens.
The chess pieces can move separately and appear without the chessboard if called by the contractor. The music of the white queen is also the only way she can talk with her contractor.
If the whole chessboard is called, the surroundings will most likely suffer enormous damage as the board is made for human sized pieces.

Clitheroe's abilities are divided between the pieces: black ones devour or capture other chains and occasionally also people and the white ones are the fighting force of the chain. The strength is greater when moving towards a stronger piece - the queens alone are stronger than the whole other troops.
When the black pieces capture or devour a chain, they cause incredible pains to the contractor of the victim chain and to her own contractor. These pains may lead to extreme tiredness, sickness or even to death.
The ability Keagan mostly uses, is Clitheroe's white queen's ability to hear other chains. The only problem with this ability is the fact that she is a woman, and likes to keep some secrets from Keagan, her king.

Eventhough it may look like Keagan has an army of some kind at his service, other pieces than the queens are quite easy to defeat when used the right technique. Some of the pieces are also reluctant to take orders from others than their queens. As Keagan is a legal contractor, the power of Clitheroe is also restricted: only two stronger pieces can be called out at the same time and only of the same color. When calling pawns, their numbers correlate to their power and bigger number makes them weaker. The queens are the only pieces which won't get weaker because of each other.
He is able to call out the whole game board, but it weakens the pieces as the board itself is actually the chain and when brought out of Abyss, it won't direct its strenght through a piece but holds it herself. Hence he doesn't call out the whole game board if he doesn't have to. On the both sides of the board (the vertical sides) there is a mouth that shows the chain's emotions.

Clitheroe is famous among the members of Pandora, as she haunted the dungeon of the headquarters' for many decades - sometimes couple of pieces could be seen gliding through the dungeon. The haunting was caused by her past contractor and she ate many members of Pandora before contracting again.

Background Story - Keagan was born to two Barmas, Rafael and Clara, and as his father was the cousin of the duke, he was brought up in grand places. However, his mother died when he was 5 and his father disappeared during a Pandora's mission when he was 11. This resulted in Keagan's aunt taking him to live with her family in the main manor of Barma. After his coming-of-an-age ceremony Keagan was appointed in Pandora by the duke, for he had seen how fast and accurate the boy was with organizing reports and other documents. Around that time Keagan also moved back to his childhood manor, the Old Manor of Barma. He brought only four servants with him and practically erased himself from the high society. The only person he held any contact with was Benoit Rousseau, his long time childhood friend who is the current guardian of Barma's library.

During the time he spent away from the meddling of nobles, Keagan found out some facts that led him to believe the family of Baskervilles had had something to do with his father's disappearance.
Around the same time, at the age 19, Keagan also caught the interest of Clitheroe and got her to follow him out of the prison-area. This resulted in him having to make a contract with her.
The next year and half Keagan spent working under an older contractor, Lune Rovo, who too worked as an assassin of Pandora. Keagan was soon promoted to the head prison guard of Pandora at the age of 20, after he had finished a complicated case of Baphomet on his own.

The following years Keagan spent working and slowly following the leads on his father's case, but not for a revenge. Rafael Barma, a highly regarded assassin and a surprisingly widely known Barma, had been holding his place for 18 years. He had a habit of using his father's family's name around the high society and thus concealing his ties with Barmas. Unlike his son, Rafael was a man of humor and was liked by many. To Keagan it had been a true shock to learn of his apparent death and some of the clues inclined that his killer was still alive.

Keagan's investigation was cut when he met a woman called Marigold Rustwork and started to spend his time with her. They eventually got engaged and her family welcomed Keagan with warm smiles. All this crumbled and the wedding never came when Marigold was killed by one of her childhood friends who had turned into an illegal contractor just to get her back. Of all the incidents in Keagan's life this affected him the most. The 3 following years passed him by leaving only marks of madness and bitterness. During this time he killed countless people and chains and was even accused of being mentally sick. This accusasion died after he had taken care of turning Cedric Nightray into a capable member of Pandora.
Later on he learned the truth about his father and is currently amusing himself with the twists and turns of other people's lifes.

Other Information -
- Keagan has a very bad habit of skipping sleeping and staying up for even over a week.
- He has a deep and very good singing voice.
- He has been teaching in Latowidge in some occasions during the years (doesn't do it anymore).
- He enjoys ice skating and hunting.
- He speaks about 20 different languages.
- He likes to drink. Mostly good old liquer. 
- His name means 'small fire' or 'ardent'.

Relationships -
- Father: Rafael (most likely deceased)
- Mother: Clara (deceased)
- Lune Rovo: An elder assassin of Nightray house, passed his most active days as a strong member of Pandora. Keagan's mentor. 

- Melissa Barma: The best friend of Marigold and a distant relative of Keagan.
- Cedric Nightray: The man he detests even after being his mentor for years. Holds him as an amusing existence. 
- Bradford Barma: A fairly distant relative's child, an interesting specimen. Unluckily, he seems to have died (to his family).
- Étienne Nightray: Yet another Nightray - this time, however, Keagan rather likes him.
- Cairo Nightray: A maid of Nightrays', whom Keagan sees as an interesting woman. He rather thinks that she is too level-headed for her job, but that she might not see it herself.
- Idril Kagami: A maid of Cedric. Attractive woman with a family-based problem. Most likely trustworthy.
- Heinrich Kreuz: The old coachman of Keagan. He originally served under Keagan's father and grandfather.

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