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Rules for Joining

In order to join there are certain rules that must be followed so that the role-plays may become more enjoyable for everyone.
Please read through them before applying.

  • No flaming, spamming or advertising. Please don't be rude, respect each other and avoid swearing.

  • Character discussion, fanart and fanfiction entries are also allowed in the community as long as they're related to the RP.

  • Even if English doesn't happen to be your native language, please make an effort when writing so that others will be able to understand you. Punctuation, starting sentences with uppercase, skipping a line between paragraphs, etc, will make the reading experience better. Also, don't use font colors that mix up with the background or hurt the eyes.

  • It doesn't matter whether you choose to write in 1st person or 3rd person, but whatever you choose, stick to it till the end.

  • Try to post more than one or two sentences, but be careful not to overdo it or you may end up boring your RP partners.

  • Each player is allowed only ONE character. And they must belong to one of the 5 families, even if they happen to be servants with different last names. Players are allowed to create NPCs (Non-Player Characters) for their characters' backgrounds, but try to avoid it and keep it simple, it's more fun to play with others than to play by yourself, right? That's the point in role-playing after all.

  • Canon characters will be considered NPCs, that means no one can claim Oz or Gil for themselves, for example, and everyone can play them if they wish to. When creating a character try not messing with the existing characters too much. (For example, making up a third brother for Gilbert and Vincent.)

  • Do not join more RPs than you can handle, if you start abandoning your RPs in the middle of it, you may be penalized for it. So only join a thread if you have time and feel like playing, and if you don't feel like playing anymore, make sure your character leaves the scene. It's important you communicate with your RP partners, don't leave them hanging, that's just not nice.

  • No God-Moding, your character is only human, someone who always wins and has no flaws or weaknesses is no fun to play with.

  • You should NEVER control other players' characters. If your character engages in a fight against another one, you aren't allowed to describe their opponent's reactions nor the damage they received. For example: If your character throws a rock, you can't say it hit the other character in the head. You have to leave it up to the other player to decide. It's important to balance your character's reactions though so that it doesn't become God-Moding.

  • No Mary Sues allowed. Try to be as original as possible when creating your character and playing them.

You can only join after you have read and fully understood the rules.
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