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Creating your own character

To be able to be accepted into this community you must first create your own original character, post their profile in your journal and link it back to us so that we can read through it and approve your membership.

Drawings in your entry are allowed, in fact we encourage it~

Basically this is the information your character profile should contain:

Name -
House -
Age -
Gender -
Eye Color -
Hair Color -
Appearance -
Weapons -
Personality -
Chain -
Background Story
Other Information -
Relationships -

Explanation of the form

Name - Your character's first and last name. The last name may be the same as your House if you wish to.

House - Vessalius, Nightray, Rainsworth, Barma or Baskerville. Choose only one.

Age - It's preferable not to make your character too young, it could become difficult to play them. Keep in mind that in the world of Pandora Hearts the characters may be older than they look though.

Gender - Male or Female.

Eye Color & Hair Color - Just don't forget to mention it.

Appearance - Give a nice description of your character so that others may be able to draw them. Say how their hair looks like, what kind of clothes and accessories they wear, etc. Try to make it as detailed as possible.

Weapons - If your character works for Pandora or happens to be a Baskerville, they may have some means of deffending themselves. Describe these items here. Swords, guns, staffs or anything that would fit in the setting. These are not really necessary though, as your character may perfectly be a support type or not need them at all. The main focus of this RP isn't battles anyway. Just delete this if not needed.

Personality - Describe here how your character acts like and how they perceive the world, mannerisms, quirks, moods, constant feelings and thoughts, hobbies, anything you can think of. It's okay if you add more details to this part after you've got a better grasp of your character.

Chain - Your character may be bound by a legal or an illegal contract. Or not bound at all. Characters bound by a legal contract will possess a mirror seal in order to summon their chains, and they will be working for the Pandora organization. Therefore they must have some sense of responsibility towards Pandora or their own House. Characters with illegal contracts, will have a seal on their chest, that also means they have drunk their chain's blood. These characters are likely to have a bad alignment, will have short life spans and will be hunted by Pandora. Baskervilles will all be hunted, no exception. Characters who don't work for Pandora should have no knowledge about chains. Describe here your character's chain and its abilities. Try to make it balanced though, the stronger the chain the more disadvantages and side effects the character should have.

Background Story - Tell a little about your character's past. Try to avoid some clichés like killing their entire family and putting them on a quest for vengeance if possible, your character doesn't need an angsty past to be cool. It's okay if it isn't too interesting or perfectly normal, or even funny. They still may change and a lot of things could happen in the present. Try to be a little creative and avoid excessive drama. Remember the setting is very similar to the Victorian Era with elitist nobles and such, keep the world of Pandora Hearts in mind. Add here what your character normally does, they may be a Latowidge student, a Pandora hunter, a teacher, a doctor, etc.

Other Information - This is the place for funny small facts about your character.

Relationships - Add here all important relationships of your character: family, best friend, husband, etc. It's fun to make your character related to other player characters, but don't forget to ask for the other player's permission first.

Character Profile Examples: Cedric Nightray, Alexandriè Rainsworth

Check here for other player characters: RP Characters Compilation
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