Lily Kat (lilykat) wrote in curious_rp,
Lily Kat

Easter Tea Party ⌈crack thread⌋

[There's a long haired male dressed in a black tailcoat at the entrance to some dark woods. He seems quite prim and proper with spectacles and a golden pocketwatch in his gloved hand. He frowns lightly as he checks the watch, but he's actually not worried about being late this time, there's something else bothering him a lot more... On the top of his head, a pair of white rabbit ears are casually sticking out.]

- Open to all rp characters, post only as your character, no need for long posts~
- Actions, thoughts and descriptions should be placed between asterisks or brackets.
- Everything that happens here is not to be considered as canon, this is a pure crack thread.

Tags: crack, role-play
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